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With the tinkling sound of glass tapping together from within the box container, a staff member places a crate up on a nearby open counter. It is filled with the supplies that had been requested, and he had brought it directly to the genius clinician from amongst the deliveries made just earlier. Rather that interrupt, he makes a simple gesture to the doctor, then exits to return to his own duty of seeing to the rest of the supplies that had come in still waiting at the front of the facility.

The container will sit silently as expected until a lull in the experiments. Of course, everything that Mordin had requested that was available is included in the contents, but he would also find an additional item. A simple glass tube with metal at both the open top and sealed bottom is tucked in amongst the other objects. The cylinder however is not empty.

Within the tube is a rather tiny creature, one that could easily fit in the palm of a human hand. Characterized by one eye, two antennae, and mint coloration, it does not resemble any common species of this planet for certain. Front tooth over lower lip, the small creature does not move as it looks up from inside the tube to stare up at the doctor in a mixture of curiosity and caution. Salarian is not a known race where this creature originated.

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