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Rocket Raccoon ([personal profile] furryflarkinfiend) wrote in [personal profile] cwolfeh 2014-08-09 12:43 am (UTC)

Works fine for me! BD

While the Guardians had a lot of other stuff on their plate, given the extent of crazy that tended to drift through the galaxy, Rocket was never one to let a bounty go unnoticed.

Especially when it was attached to someone rather notorious that he'd been wanting to go toe to toe with for some time.

He'd informed Peter and Groot of where he was going, figuring they'd inform the others--those that weren't telepathic at least--where he was if they asked, and headed to Xander to try and find his mark. Given his skillset and his rather..persuasive way of getting others to give him information, it didn't take long until he had a lead on the bounty and made his way towards one of the parts of Xander that most good natured folk stayed away from.

Perfect place to find scum.

Ears flicking slightly as they turned in different directions, listening for any little sound that may be out of place, the raccoon made his way through the streets, paws resting on the pistols at his sides as he went.

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