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Bahh, tell me if this doesn't work, please?

Osborn wasn't happy just running New York. His greed stretched further, higher, desiring to spread his Dark Reign as far as was capable. So he sent his agents outward; Loki to Jötunheimr, Rogue out West, Rhino to Europe, and so on and so forth.

Natalia had been chosen to target Xander. Barton was the only person she'd informed about the relocation, and even then, the details extended no further than she'd be gone for quite some time. That travels would take her off planet. It took weeks to build up a reputation as the Red Death, but it took a much short time to gain a bounty. A bounty to lure in a certain party. Get in close with one to entice, capture, or eradicate the rest. Norman's orders had been simple - recruit or kill. The Guardians had the means to push his control further, and those who weren't willing to co-operate weren't worth his time.

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