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....Is it bad that I want the Rainbow Dash toy from McDonalds JUST BECAUSE?

Too bad I don't actually eat there. I need to borrow a little kid from someone...

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You know, you don't have to buy their food just to get the toys. They let you buy the toy by itself. ;D

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I get the fruit and walnut salad and then buy the toy for a dollar :B I have two ponies already :D

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>:V I just hit the drive-through and get the toys by themselves fuck yeah

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I want it too. I actually went to get one, and they only had applejack. :(

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D: Aw. The Applejack toy would be better if she had a hat. :|

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xDxD I suppose I could always do that.

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Aye I know they do. xD I just never even glance at McDs anymore since I stopped eating fast food so I never really think to do it.

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you don't need to borrow a little kid anymore. So Mighty Kids Meals are perfect size for me and i just opened a Rainbow Dash.

I'm totally playing with it first, then you can have it ^.^

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