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CWolfeh ([personal profile] cwolfeh) wrote2015-12-12 05:55 pm

This journal is..

Journal is and will continue to be Friends Only if only because I don't trust those random lurkers out there. So, if you want to be able to see stuff, comment and let me know! I won't add just anyone though so if I have absolutely no idea as to why you're friending me, I probably won't add you. :\ Sorry!

Also, I should warn you what you're getting into before you friend me so if you haven't checked out my profile yet, I recommend doing so. xD If pure geekdom scares you, RUN NOW!

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hey I have the same layout as you and I wonder how did you get your stats and content info etc, on the right side, Im just wondering, cuz I dont know how to do it

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You can put infor and stuff like that between the script pieces
<**div style="position:absolute; top: 518px; left: 476px; width: 210px; height: 100%; visibility: visible; id=scroll3; class=side" font color="#CBD4BA"**> and < **/div** >