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CWolfeh ([personal profile] cwolfeh) wrote2015-12-12 05:55 pm

This journal is..

Journal is and will continue to be Friends Only if only because I don't trust those random lurkers out there. So, if you want to be able to see stuff, comment and let me know! I won't add just anyone though so if I have absolutely no idea as to why you're friending me, I probably won't add you. :\ Sorry!

Also, I should warn you what you're getting into before you friend me so if you haven't checked out my profile yet, I recommend doing so. xD If pure geekdom scares you, RUN NOW!

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Hey this isn't an add me request, but I saw your comment on the free layouts community for this layout (which I also wanna use) and I was wandering if you could tell me the code to put your icon in the side bar area? I'm pretty clueless about coding so what it is and where in nice simple terms would be appreciated ^_^ thaaaankies.

On another note, you do have good taste in anime and shizzle, so add me if ya like <3

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^_^ No problem!
All I did was in the profile area of the layout code, I put in

<*a href="" target="_blank"><*img src="" border="0" alt="Crazedwolf"*>

That way the picture is linked back to all my userpics. Hope this helps!
-goes to stalk just cause she can-

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thanks so much, looks awesome now! Just one thing... how do I hide the other icon then? I'm guesing there's some option somewhere I just have to click on in settings or something that's sitting there looking painfully obvious... but yeah ^_^

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In the place that you upload icons, at the very bottom, select 'No Default icon' and that other icon will go away. ^___^

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Haha thanks :) You'd think I'd know after being on lj for like... 3 years...