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CWolfeh ([personal profile] cwolfeh) wrote2015-12-12 05:55 pm

This journal is..

Journal is and will continue to be Friends Only if only because I don't trust those random lurkers out there. So, if you want to be able to see stuff, comment and let me know! I won't add just anyone though so if I have absolutely no idea as to why you're friending me, I probably won't add you. :\ Sorry!

Also, I should warn you what you're getting into before you friend me so if you haven't checked out my profile yet, I recommend doing so. xD If pure geekdom scares you, RUN NOW!

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Well, you added me, so I guess I'm adding you back.

I mean, you like Bleach. What more is there to consider, right?

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I added you because I stumbled across your fics on and fell in love with them. <3

Thanks for adding me back though!

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o rly?

Sanku so much. :D I try, I do. I love hearing from people who read my stuff.

But do you have any ideas? I mean, I'm always looking for new ideas, so if you've ever wanted to see something written, just ask and I'll see if it floats my boat. You throw it and I'll catch it, ya know?

Even any IchixIshi ideas because I'm into Bleach all of a sudden. XD~